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2 Pack Head Hoop Basketball Party Game: Adjustable Net Headband for Kids & Adults - Carnival Game with 20 Balls

2 Pack Head Hoop Basketball Party Game: Adjustable Net Headband for Kids & Adults - Carnival Game with 20 Balls

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Dunk Fun Anywhere with the 2 Pack Head Hoop Basketball Party Game!

Get ready to bring a slam dunk of fun to your next party with our 2 Pack Head Hoop Basketball Party Game! Perfect for kids and adults alike, this carnival game turns any gathering into a lively, competitive arena. Whether it's a backyard BBQ, a family reunion, or just a rainy day indoors, this adjustable basketball net headband game is sure to provide hours of entertainment and laughter for everyone.

Why You'll Love It:

  • Inclusive Fun for All Ages: Designed for players aged 2 and up, this game is a hit across generations. It's easy to learn but challenging enough to keep both kids and adults engaged and entertained.

  • Adjustable and Comfortable: The headbands are designed to fit all sizes comfortably, thanks to the adjustable PP straps. No more worrying about too tight or too loose headbands – we've got everyone covered.

  • Indoor and Outdoor Play: Rain or shine, our head hoop basketball game is perfect for any setting. The lightweight and portable design mean you can easily set it up for indoor playhouse fun or take it outside for some backyard competition.

  • Everything You Need Included: Each pack comes with everything required to start the game – 20 balls, 6 tubes, 2 PP straps, 2 baskets, and 2 nets. Just assemble, adjust, and the game is on!

  • Environmentally Friendly Materials: Crafted from environmentally friendly materials that are original and free from peculiar smells, ensuring a safe and pleasant experience for everyone.

Safety First:

Please note, this product contains phthalates (DEHP), known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more safety information, visit

Game On:

Whether you're looking for a unique way to spice up your party games, a fun family activity, or a gift that keeps on giving, the Head Hoop Basketball Party Game is your ticket to a memorable time. Easy to set up and endlessly entertaining, it's the perfect addition to any event, encouraging movement, laughter, and a bit of friendly competition.

So why wait? Grab your Head Hoop Basketball set today and get ready to score big on fun at your next gathering!

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