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Dental Articulating Paper - 300 Sheets, Double-Sided Blue Red Bite Strips for Oral Care, Dentist Teeth Whitening Material Tool

Dental Articulating Paper - 300 Sheets, Double-Sided Blue Red Bite Strips for Oral Care, Dentist Teeth Whitening Material Tool

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Enhance Dental Diagnostics with Jumtop’s 300 Sheets Dental Articulating Paper!

Discover the precision of Jumtop’s Dental Articulating Paper, the ideal tool for dental professionals seeking to enhance their patient care through accurate bite assessment and occlusal adjustments. This pack of 300 double-sided blue and red sheets is a staple for any dental practice, offering high-quality, reliable materials for checking occlusion and inserting restorations.

Dual-Color Advantage Each sheet in this set features a unique double-sided color scheme—blue on one side and red on the other. This design allows for clear and distinct marking of different occlusion points during a single appointment, making it easy to identify high spots or pressure points in the patient's bite.

Premium Material for Precise Marking Made from specially coated cotton paper, these articulating papers are designed to provide a soft and smooth experience. They are sensitive enough to mark at every point of articulation, ensuring that even the slightest discrepancies in tooth contacts are easily visible. This sensitive surface helps dentists make precise adjustments for optimal patient comfort and dental function.

Safe and Convenient Safety is paramount in all dental products, and Jumtop's articulating paper is no exception. Each sheet is coated with a non-toxic coloring agent that poses no harm to oral health, making them safe for use with patients. Moreover, the articulating paper comes in a handy plastic box that not only keeps the sheets organized but also makes them easy to use, store, and carry, ensuring they are protected from moisture and damage.

Effortless to Use Using the articulating paper is straightforward. Simply place a sheet on the occlusal contact points and ask the patient to gently chew or close their teeth. The paper will then highlight the precise contact points, helping dentists and dental technicians make necessary adjustments. This process is crucial for ensuring that dental restorations and adjustments do not lead to further oral issues.

Ideal Tool for Dental Professionals Whether you’re a dentist adjusting occlusions or a dental technician working on restorations, Jumtop’s articulating paper is an essential tool. It helps you regulate the accuracy of teeth occlusions supplements effectively, ensuring that every dental intervention leads to optimal outcomes for your patients.

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: Jumtop
  • Type: Articulating Paper
  • Material: Coated Cotton Paper
  • Color: Blue/Red
  • Size: Approx. 55mm * 18mm
  • Certification: CE certified
  • Package Includes: 1 box of 300 sheets

Optimize your dental procedures with Jumtop’s 300 Sheets Dental Articulating Paper. This product not only provides the quality and precision you need but also supports the overall well-being of your patients by ensuring accurate dental care. Order now and take a step towards more precise and effective dental assessments!

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