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Dental Silicone Casting Flasks Rings - Plastic Round Lab Base Wax Rubber Tools - Wax Embedding Ring

Dental Silicone Casting Flasks Rings - Plastic Round Lab Base Wax Rubber Tools - Wax Embedding Ring

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Introducing our high-quality Dental Silicone Casting Flasks Rings, an essential tool designed for professionals in dental labs who demand precision and reliability in their casting processes. Our rings offer a combination of durability and versatility to ensure your dental restorations are carried out flawlessly every time.

Versatile and Precision-Made These dental casting rings are crafted from premium materials to ensure they stand up to the demands of daily use in a busy lab. With five distinct sizes available (Types A through E), you can choose the perfect ring to match the specific requirements of your dental tasks, whether it's for single crowns or complete arches. Each type is carefully designed to follow the inner diameter and provide a secure fit for the casting material, ensuring precision in every mold.

Durable and Multi-Use Our casting rings come with sturdy plastic bases that not only support the wax models but also enhance the functionality and lifespan of each ring. Designed for multi-time application, these rings are an economical choice for any dental lab. The plastic bases hold the investment material securely around the wax-up, crucial for using the lost wax technique to cast high-quality dental parts.

Ease of Use and Maintenance The silicone and plastic construction not only makes these rings durable but also easy to clean and maintain, ensuring that they can be reused efficiently without compromising the quality of your work. This user-friendly design saves time and increases the efficiency of your lab operations.


  • Types Available: A, B, C, D, E
  • Material: Silicone and Plastic
  • Included in Package: 1 Pc Dental Flask Ring per order

Product Highlights:

  • Tailored to fit a range of dental restoration projects.
  • High-quality materials for durability and repeated use.
  • Available in multiple sizes to accommodate various dental needs.

Please Note:

  • The actual color of the item may vary slightly from the pictures shown due to variations in monitor displays.
  • Please allow a slight deviation in size measurements.

Ideal for dental technicians looking for a reliable and efficient solution in their casting processes, our Dental Silicone Casting Flasks Rings are designed to help you achieve perfect results with each use. Enhance your dental laboratory's capabilities with these indispensable tools, ensuring every restoration work is done with the utmost precision and quality.

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