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Intelligent Electric Cupping Massage Device: LCD Display Guasha Scraping, Heating Vacuum - Negative Pressure Body Massager

Intelligent Electric Cupping Massage Device: LCD Display Guasha Scraping, Heating Vacuum - Negative Pressure Body Massager

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Revitalize Your Body with the DearBeauty Electric Cupping Massage Device – Your At-Home Spa Experience!

Transform your wellness routine with the DearBeauty Electric Cupping Massage Device, a cutting-edge solution designed to rejuvenate your body and mind. Perfect for anyone looking to relieve fatigue, alleviate pain, and boost overall well-being, this intelligent device brings the ancient art of cupping into the modern age.

Key Features:

  1. Multi-Functional Therapy: This versatile device integrates negative pressure cupping, scraping, and massage, all in one. It utilizes smart technology to dynamically adjust the vacuum pressure, ensuring effective and comfortable treatment tailored to your body’s needs.

  2. Enhanced Blood Circulation: By stimulating acupoints and dredging meridians, the massage device promotes blood circulation, enhancing nutrient delivery and waste removal from body tissues. This revitalization not only relieves pain but also helps dispel dampness and cold, enhancing muscle relaxation and immune function.

  3. Customizable Settings: Choose from 12 levels of negative pressure for a deep, penetrating cupping experience, and 12 levels of soothing red light heating to relax the muscles and dispel fatigue. With the touch of a button, switch between modes and adjust settings to suit your comfort and therapeutic needs.

  4. Intelligent Design: Featuring an LCD display and intuitive controls, the device is user-friendly and simple to operate. A 20-minute automatic timer ensures your safety, preventing overuse which could lead to skin damage or discomfort.

  5. Portable and Rechargeable: Compact and lightweight, the device is ideal for home use and on-the-go relief. It comes with a USB Type-C charging cable, making it easy to charge anytime, anywhere, ensuring it’s ready whenever you need relief.


  • Material: Durable ABS and soft silicone for comfort against the skin
  • Color: Available in red
  • Weight: 0.351 kg
  • Packing Size: 17.8 x 13.3 x 8.6 cm

Package Includes:

  • 1 Electric Cupping Massage Device
  • 2 Filter Cotton
  • 1 USB Type-C Charging Cable
  • 1 English User Manual

Experience Targeted Relief: Whether you’re dealing with chronic pain, muscle stiffness, or just the stresses of daily life, the DearBeauty Electric Cupping Massage Device provides targeted relief where you need it most. It’s designed for easy use, offering a professional-level therapeutic experience in the comfort of your home.

Ideal for use after long days, workouts, or whenever you feel the need for a massage, this device is your ticket to a healthier, more comfortable body. Embrace the power of modern cupping therapy with DearBeauty and step into a world of relaxation and rejuvenation today!

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