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Safe & Effective Electric Ear Wax Removal Kit: Soft Spray Ear Cleaner with 4 Pressure Settings - Irrigation Tool for Ear Wax Removal

Safe & Effective Electric Ear Wax Removal Kit: Soft Spray Ear Cleaner with 4 Pressure Settings - Irrigation Tool for Ear Wax Removal

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Experience the Future of Ear Care with Our Electric Ear Wax Removal Kit – Gentle, Effective, and Ingeniously Designed!

Introducing the ultimate solution to safe at-home earwax removal: the Electric Ear Wax Removal Kit with Soft Spray. Designed with precision and care, this innovative tool is recommended by the American Academy of Otolaryngology for its gentle yet effective approach to maintaining ear hygiene. Perfect for anyone seeking a professional-grade solution in the comfort of their own home.

Safe and Gentle on Sensitive Ears Our ear wax removal kit is meticulously designed to respect the sensitive nature of the ear canal. It features a soft spray irrigation system that cleanses without damaging the delicate skin within the ear, effectively removing wax, dirt, and debris. Say goodbye to traditional, abrasive ear cleaning methods and hello to a new era of ear care.

Advanced Pressure Control Technology Equipped with four distinct pressure settings ranging from 7 to 24.5 PSI, our ear cleaner allows you to choose the perfect intensity for your needs. Whether you prefer a gentle wash or a strong cleanse, you can select from normal, soft, pulse, or strong modes to customize your ear cleaning experience.

Enhanced Visibility with LED Lighting Never miss a detail with the unique observation design of our ear cleaning kit. Outfitted with five LED lights, this feature provides a clear and illuminated view of the ear canal, enabling continuous monitoring during the irrigation process. This helps prevent any potential damage to the eardrum and ensures a thorough clean.

Convenient and Cost-Effective Avoid expensive trips to the doctor with our easy-to-use kit that lets you perform ear cleanings at home. The large 500ml refillable bottle holds 50% more liquid than other models, and the innovative gravity ball-weighted straw moves with the liquid, allowing for effective cleaning from any angle.

Eco-Friendly and Hygienic The kit includes nine replaceable disposable soft ear tips, ensuring that every cleaning session is hygienic without the need to reuse or share tips. This not only increases effectiveness but also prevents cross-infection between users.


  • Camera Pixel: 2MP
  • Water Bottle Capacity: 500ml
  • Pressure Range: 7-24.5 PSI
  • Battery Capacity: 2000mAh with up to 7 hours of use
  • Charging Time: 3 hours
  • Additional Features: 5 LED lights, multiple cleaning modes, compatible with Soulear app

Packing List:

  • 1 Electric ear irrigation tool
  • 1 Ear catch basin
  • 9 Ear tips
  • 1 Charging cable
  • 1 Square towel
  • 1 User manual

Whether you're dealing with regular buildup or preparing for an event, our Electric Ear Wax Removal Kit provides a professional, hygienic, and effective way to maintain your ear health. Revolutionize your personal care routine with our advanced ear cleaning technology and discover why clearer ears mean a happier you!

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