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LENCENT 4-Outlet EU Plug Power Strip Cube: 3 USB Ports, 1 Type C, 3M Braided Cable - Multi-Socket with Switch for Home Convenience

LENCENT 4-Outlet EU Plug Power Strip Cube: 3 USB Ports, 1 Type C, 3M Braided Cable - Multi-Socket with Switch for Home Convenience

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Maximize your power options at home with the LENCENT EU Plug Power Strip Cube. This 8-in-1 powerhouse is designed to streamline your electronic setup, providing four AC outlets, three USB ports, and one Type-C port all in one compact and efficient unit. Whether you're charging multiple devices

or powering up essential home appliances, this versatile power strip is the perfect solution for all your needs.

Key Features of the LENCENT EU Plug Power Strip Cube:

  • Comprehensive Charging Capability: The power strip features four AC outlets and three USB ports plus one Type-C port, allowing you to charge and power up to eight devices simultaneously. This is ideal for households with multiple tech devices.
  • High-Speed USB Charging: Each USB port delivers 5V/2.4A, and the Type-C port offers 5V/3A, providing fast charging to your smartphones, tablets, and other USB-powered devices without the need for additional adapters.
  • Extended Reach: Equipped with a 3M long braided cable, the power strip ensures that you can use it even when the outlet is out of reach. The durable and flexible cable is designed to withstand heavy use and prevents tangling.
  • Safety Protections: Crafted with flame-retardant PC material and featuring built-in children's electric shock protection doors, this power strip guarantees top-notch safety for you and your devices. It includes internal safeguards against overpressure, overcharging, short circuits, overheating, and overloads.
  • Ultra-Thin Flat Plug: The innovative flat plug design fits easily behind furniture or in tight spaces, enhancing the usability and accessibility of the power strip in your home or office setting.
  • Convenient Power Switch: A master on/off switch allows you to control the power supply to all connected devices, ensuring energy efficiency and safety when the strip is not in use.


  • Brand: LENCENT
  • Model: SL-805E
  • Power Output: 100-250VAC, 10A Max, 2500W Max
  • Total Output: 5V/3.4A Max for USB Ports
  • Certifications: FCC, CE, RoHS
  • Dimensions: 16.5 x 13.5 x 8.5 cm
  • Weight: 586g

Perfect for Every Home or Office: This power strip is a must-have for anyone looking to enhance their charging station or power setup at home or work. It's especially ideal for entertainment centers, home offices, and bedrooms where multiple devices need to be powered simultaneously and safely.

Eco-Friendly and Energy-Saving: The convenient switch not only offers ease of use but helps reduce energy consumption by allowing you to completely shut off the power supply when not needed, preventing phantom charges and conserving electricity.

Equip your space with the LENCENT EU Plug Power Strip Cube and enjoy a clutter-free, safe, and efficient power management system. Its robust construction, combined with advanced charging technology, makes it a valuable addition to any modern home or office.

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