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Egg Collecting Harvest Apron - Farm Work and Kitchen Garden Apron with Pockets for Chicken, Duck, and Goose Eggs

Egg Collecting Harvest Apron - Farm Work and Kitchen Garden Apron with Pockets for Chicken, Duck, and Goose Eggs

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Introducing our Pockets Egg Collecting Harvest Apron, a convenient and stylish solution for your chicken farm work and kitchen garden needs. This apron is designed with 12 specially stitched pockets, providing a beautiful and practical alternative to traditional egg baskets.

Key Features:

🥚 12 Pockets: Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional egg baskets! Our apron boasts 12 specially stitched pockets with the perfect size (4"L * 3"W) to securely cradle chicken, duck, and goose eggs. It keeps your hands free, and you won't have to worry about breaking any eggs in the coop.

👩‍🌾 Helpful Eggs Apron: Whether you're tending to a backyard coop or a small farm, this gathering apron eliminates the need for cumbersome baskets and awkward juggling of eggs. Collect your eggs in style with this fashionable and functional alternative, featuring a vibrant design with a contrasting waistband and ties.

🔄 Convenient Hanging Loop: Each pocket is individually double-stitched and deep-pleated, ensuring the safe collection of even the largest chicken eggs. Plus, there's a convenient hanging loop on the reverse side for easy storage.

🌟 Multi-Function Collecting Apron: Our apron is not just for eggs; it's versatile enough to collect various items like oranges, strawberries, or other delicate and small objects that need careful handling.


  • Material: Crafted from high-quality polyester, this apron is durable and easy to clean. It's machine washable for your convenience.

  • Size: As shown in the pictures, this apron provides ample space for collecting eggs and other items.

  • Color: Vibrant and appealing, our apron comes in various color options to suit your style.

Practical and Stylish Accessory:

This egg collecting apron is a practical yet stylish accessory for hobby chicken farmers. It simplifies the egg-gathering process while adding a touch of charm to your farm work.

Upgrade your egg-collecting experience with our Pockets Egg Collecting Harvest Apron. Whether you're a seasoned farmer or just starting your backyard coop, this apron is the perfect addition to your tools. Make your daily farm chores more convenient and enjoyable – order yours today! Each package includes 1 x Apron.

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