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Portable Humidifier Fan Air Conditioner - Small Air Cooler with Hydrocooling, Adjustable for Office, 3-Speed Fan

Portable Humidifier Fan Air Conditioner - Small Air Cooler with Hydrocooling, Adjustable for Office, 3-Speed Fan

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Keep cool, calm, and collected this summer with the latest innovation in comfort technology: the Portable Humidifier Fan Air Conditioner! Perfect for your home office or any small room, this air cooler doesn’t just blow air—it cools, humidifies, and enhances your environment, all while being astonishingly energy efficient with a maximum power usage under 20W.

Ultra-Efficient and Eco-Friendly: Operating on less than 20W power, this air conditioner fan is the epitome of energy efficiency, providing a breath of cool air without the hefty electricity bills. Its compact and lightweight design makes it ideal for desktops, ensuring your comfort wherever you set up shop.

Three-Speed Fan: Whether you need a gentle breeze or a strong gust, the three-speed settings ensure you can adjust the airflow to your comfort level. The simple control interface allows for easy operation—no fuss, just cool, refreshing air.

Versatile Humidifying Feature: With a substantial 600ml water tank, this device also acts as a humidifier, releasing moisture into the air to prevent dryness. Add ice cubes for an even cooler sensation or use the included aromatherapy sponge to infuse the air with your favorite scents.

Innovative Hydrocooling Technology: Utilize the latest in hydrocooling tech to keep your space pleasantly cool. The water evaporates to reduce the ambient temperature, effectively turning your personal space into a cooler, more refreshing environment.

Night Light with Adjustable Colors: Set the mood or light your way at night with the adjustable 7-color night light. It’s perfect for creating ambience or serving as a gentle nightlight for late-night work sessions.

Portable and User-Friendly: Made from sturdy plastic, this air cooler is both durable and portable. Its small size (280x220x130mm) and lightweight build make it easy to move from room to room or even take on trips.

Easy Maintenance: This model is designed with convenience in mind. The fan cover is easily removable for cleaning, ensuring that your cool air is also clean air.

What’s Included: Each package comes with the fan itself, a USB cable for convenient power supply, a user manual to guide you through the features, and an aromatherapy sponge for an added sensory experience.

Whether you're looking to beat the heat or just want a more comfortable atmosphere, our Portable Humidifier Fan Air Conditioner is your go-to solution for staying cool and refreshed during the hot months. Enjoy a cooler environment at the push of a button!

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