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Silk Sleeping Mask - Soft Smooth Eye Cover for Travel, Rest, and Relaxation - Sleep Aid Blindfold

Silk Sleeping Mask - Soft Smooth Eye Cover for Travel, Rest, and Relaxation - Sleep Aid Blindfold

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Introducing our Silk Sleeping Mask – the ultimate companion for a peaceful night's sleep and rejuvenating naps, whether you're traveling, at home, or simply need a moment of relaxation. This luxurious sleep aid offers not only comfort but also a host of features designed to enhance your sleep experience.


1. Is the silk surface of the sleep mask?

  • Absolutely, the surface of our sleep mask is crafted from exquisite mulberry silk and lycra material. This combination ensures a smooth and skin-friendly touch against your eyes. What's more, the interior is filled with memory foam, providing a soft and comfortable cushion for your eyes.

2. How about the shading effect of the sleep mask?

  • Our sleep mask is ingeniously designed with a 3D three-dimensional structure. It incorporates an adjustable light barrier at the bridge of the nose, conforming to the contours of your face in all directions. This thoughtful design eliminates any possibility of light leakage, enabling you to enjoy restful sleep even when exposed to sunlight.

3. Will wearing your blindfolds put pressure on my eyes?

  • No need to worry. Our eye mask boasts a 3D structure with a zero-pressure design. This means you can effortlessly open your eyes while wearing it, without the risk of damaging your eyelashes or experiencing discomfort. Rest assured, it provides a relaxed and comfortable fit with absolutely no burden on your sleep.

4. What size of head does your eye mask fit?

  • Our eye mask is engineered with an adjustable buckle elastic band, ensuring a snug fit for individuals with a head circumference of approximately 40cm to 75cm (15.75 to 29.5 inches). You can enjoy its benefits without concerns about it feeling too tight.

Warm Tip:

  • To maintain the quality of your eye mask, it's recommended to hand wash it with a neutral detergent. Machine washing may cause damage, so treat it with care. Additionally, let it air dry in the shade to ensure its longevity.

Upgrade your sleep routine and experience true relaxation with our Silk Sleeping Mask. Whether you're on a journey, in need of a quick nap, or just looking to improve your sleep quality, this mask is your key to soothing slumber. Order now for a tranquil and restorative rest that you deserve!

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