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3-in-1 Smart Ear Cleaner Endoscope with Earwax Remover & Otoscope - 5.5mm, Android/PC Type-C Compatibility

3-in-1 Smart Ear Cleaner Endoscope with Earwax Remover & Otoscope - 5.5mm, Android/PC Type-C Compatibility

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Explore Ear Health with Our Smart Ear Cleaner Endoscope 5.5mm 3-in-1 Tool!

⚠️ Warning/Disclaimer: Camera products are intended for lawful purposes only, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Any misuse for illegal activities is strictly prohibited. Please abide by your country/area's laws and regulations.

🔍 3-in-1 Functionality: Our Smart Ear Cleaner Endoscope is a versatile ear care tool that combines three essential functions in one, providing comprehensive ear health support.

📸 High-Quality Imaging: The 5.5mm lens ensures crystal-clear and detailed images of the ear canal. This precision imaging guarantees accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.

🎈 Easy to Use: Designed for patient comfort, our ear cleaner features a soft wire and a convenient EU plug, making the entire process easy and stress-free.

👂 Earwax Removal: Say goodbye to earwax troubles. Our earwax remover picker is a safe and efficient solution for removing earwax, promoting healthy ears and optimal hearing.

Main Features:

  1. Perfect Earwax Removal Tools: Our earwax removal kit is equipped with an ear cleaning camera that offers an HD ultra-clear view. This camera and wax remover combo simplifies earwax location and removal, ensuring your ears stay clean and comfortable.

  2. HD Ultra Clear View: Experience high-quality lens technology with exceptional color reproduction. This ear cleaning camera provides users with clearer images, aiding in effective ear care.

  3. Android, MacBook, Windows PC Compatible: (Not for iPhone, iPad) Our device is compatible with Android 4.5+ devices that support OTG & UVC functions, including USB-A, Micro-USB, and USB-C connectors.

  4. Better Lighting for Better Images: Illuminate your ear canal with 6 LED lights for improved and more realistic images, enhancing your ear examination experience.

  5. Comfortable and Safe: Our improved soft silicone earwax removal tool is designed to protect your ears from harm, ensuring a comfortable and safe ear cleaning process.

  6. Take Pictures and Record Videos: Capture images and record videos directly on your device using the companion app. Save your photos and videos for quick and easy consultations with medical professionals.

Please Note:

  • Compatibility: Our product has been tested with various models, but it does not work with Redmi Note 9, Redmi Note 9 Pro, and certain other phones. Directly connected mobile phones must support OTG function and external cameras.
  • Android Compatibility: If your Android phone encounters compatibility issues, please try it with different Android phones, as it may not work with all models. Alternatively, you can use it with your computer for viewing.

Experience the future of ear care with our Smart Ear Cleaner Endoscope. Take control of your ear health and ensure clean, comfortable ears with our versatile and user-friendly tool. Order yours today!

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