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3Pcs Titanium Coated Step Drill Bit Set: 3-12mm, 4-12mm, 4-20mm HSS Pagoda Step Drill with Hex Shank - for Wood and Metal Hole Drilling

3Pcs Titanium Coated Step Drill Bit Set: 3-12mm, 4-12mm, 4-20mm HSS Pagoda Step Drill with Hex Shank - for Wood and Metal Hole Drilling

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Introducing the ultimate solution for all your drilling needs – the 3-12 4-12 4-20mm HSS Straight Fluted Pagoda Step Drill 3Pcs Set. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a DIY enthusiast, this set is designed to make your work easier, faster, and more efficient. Enclosed in a handy cloth bag and featuring a hex shank for a firm grip, these titanium-coated step drills offer unparalleled performance on a variety of materials.

Why Choose This Step Drill Set?

  • Versatility at Its Best: With three different sizes (3-12mm, 4-12mm, and 4-20mm), you can effortlessly create holes in steel, brass, wood, plastic, and more. The precision of these drills ensures clean, burr-free holes every time.

  • Titanium Coated for Excellence: The high-speed steel (HSS) construction is enhanced with a titanium coating, minimizing friction and heat for smoother drilling and extended tool life. Say goodbye to wear and tear and hello to consistent, quality performance.

  • Designed for Precision: Each step is meticulously labeled with depth diameters, making your work precise and eliminating guesswork. The two-flute design not only speeds up drilling but also ensures cleaner cuts.

  • Non-Slip Hex Shank: The unique three-sided shank design prevents the drill bit from slipping in the chuck, ensuring stability and safety during operation. It's compatible with a range of tools, including hand drills, bench drills, and even pistol drills.

  • Cooling Efficiency: For optimal durability, especially during continuous use, water injection cooling is recommended. This simple step can significantly prolong the life of your drill bits, making them a reliable addition to your toolkit.

  • Widely Applicable: Ideal for creating or enlarging holes in general-purpose materials, this set is not recommended for stainless steel or spring steel. It's perfect for tasks involving materials with general hardness, such as PVC plates or iron plates with a thickness within 3MM.

Practical Tips for Users:

  • Maintain a consistent downward force without pressing too hard to avoid wear and potential annealing.
  • Keep the drilling speed within the recommended range (260-400 for 3-12 and 4-12; 180-240 for 4-20) to achieve the best results.
  • For prolonged drilling sessions, ensure adequate cooling to prevent overheating and damage to the bit.

In the Box:

  • 1 x 3-12mm Step Drill
  • 1 x 4-12mm Step Drill
  • 1 x 4-20mm Step Drill
  • 1 x Cloth Storage Bag

Perfect for both novices and pros, this 3Pcs HSS Step Drill Set is a testament to efficiency and reliability. Whether expanding existing holes, deburring, or chamfering, this set is your go-to solution for seamless, efficient drilling operations. Equip your toolbox with these essential step drills and experience the convenience and quality they bring to every project.

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