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3 LED Underwater Light - 16 Colors RGB IP68 Waterproof Swimming Pool Accessories, Outdoor Submersible Lights for Pond Vase

3 LED Underwater Light - 16 Colors RGB IP68 Waterproof Swimming Pool Accessories, Outdoor Submersible Lights for Pond Vase

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Dive into a world of enchanting colors with our 3 LED Underwater Light, a perfect blend of sophistication and functionality designed to transform your swimming pool, pond, or outdoor vase into a mesmerizing spectacle. This eco-friendly, compact lighting solution is not just an accessory but a portal to an ambiance filled with 16 vibrant RGB colors, making every underwater scene a vivid experience.

Eco-Friendly and Compact Design
Crafted with environmentally friendly plastic, this mini marvel boasts a dimension of just 30*19MM, ensuring minimalistic elegance without compromising on quality. Its small size and lightweight nature make it effortlessly portable, ideal for on-the-go illumination needs.

Brilliant LED Technology
Equipped with 3 super bright RGB LED chips, this underwater light promises an array of 16 stunning colors, offering you the freedom to create your personalized aquatic haven. Whether it’s a serene blue for a calming effect or a vibrant red for parties, the choice is yours.

Ultimate Waterproof Durability
With an IP68 waterproof rating, these lights are designed to brave the depths, ensuring a reliable performance that’s both splash-proof and fully submersible. Dive in with confidence, knowing your lights are safeguarded against water ingress.

Extended Signal Range for Ultimate Control
Experience the convenience of remote control with an impressive signal range of 8-10 meters, allowing you to change colors, modes, and brightness from a distance. The inclusion of both light and IR remote batteries (CR2032 and CR2025, respectively) ensures you’re ready to light up your space right out of the box.

Important Usage Tip
Please remember to remove the insulation sheet from the lamp before use to unleash the full potential of this underwater marvel.

Transform your aquatic spaces into a radiant oasis with our 3 LED Underwater Light. Perfect for swimming pools, ponds, and outdoor vases, it’s more than just a light; it's an experience, promising to add a splash of color and elegance wherever it goes.

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