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Waterproof Plastic Plant Markers - 50-100pcs Plant Hanging Tags, Gardening Label Tools for Garden Pots & Planters

Waterproof Plastic Plant Markers - 50-100pcs Plant Hanging Tags, Gardening Label Tools for Garden Pots & Planters

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Color Your Garden with Precision: Waterproof Plant Markers for Every Gardener!

Introducing our vibrant and durable Waterproof Plant Markers, the essential tool for every gardening enthusiast! Whether you’re a professional landscaper or a home gardener, these PVC plant hanging tags are designed to bring organization and style to your garden, making plant identification simple and fun.

High-Quality, Durable Material Crafted from premium PVC, our plant markers are built to withstand the elements. These tags are not only waterproof but also resistant to aging, ensuring they stay intact and legible through varying weather conditions. The robust nature of PVC means these markers can endure the sun, rain, and even snow without fading or degrading.

Bright and Cheerful Color Options Available in an array of colors including white, yellow, blue, green, red, and pink, our plant markers allow you to color-code your garden for easy navigation. Use different colors to distinguish between herbs, vegetables, and flowers, or simply to add a splash of cheer to your garden beds.

Convenient Long Strip Design Each tag features a long strip design (2cm x 20cm), providing ample space for writing plant names, dates, and care instructions. The slender, lightweight design makes it easy to attach the tags to plant stems, branches, or in the soil next to your plants without causing any harm.

Easy to Use Using these markers is as simple as it gets. Write your plant information on the tag with a permanent marker, and then secure it to your plant or in the pot. The bright background makes the text stand out, ensuring it remains readable from a distance.

Versatile Use These markers are perfect for labeling everything from seed trays and potted plants to large garden rows. They’re an excellent choice for greenhouses, flower or vegetable gardens, and even for indoor plants.

Pack and Specifications:

  • Material: PVC
  • Size: 2cm x 20cm
  • Colors: White, Yellow, Blue, Green, Red, Pink (optional)
  • Package: 100 Pcs/lot, approx. 120g

Please Note:

  • Due to lighting effects and screen settings, the actual color of the items might slightly vary from the images.
  • Allow for a slight dimension variation due to manual measurement.

Stay organized and keep your garden looking its best with our Waterproof Plant Markers. These tags not only help you keep track of plant species and care guidelines but also brighten up your garden space with their colorful design. Order your set today and transform the way you garden!

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