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Portable Mini USB Air Humidifier 300ml - Aroma Diffuser with Cool Mist for Bedroom, Home, Car, Plants, and Purification

Portable Mini USB Air Humidifier 300ml - Aroma Diffuser with Cool Mist for Bedroom, Home, Car, Plants, and Purification

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Elevate your personal space with our Colorful Cup Humidifier, a portable mini USB wonder that brings refreshing moisture and soothing aromas wherever you go.

Product Highlights:

Compact and Stylish: The Colorful Cup Humidifier boasts a sleek and compact design, making it the perfect addition to your bedroom, home, car, or office. Its stylish appearance adds a touch of modern elegance to any setting.

Efficient Humidification: With a 300ml capacity and a spray volume of 30-45ml per hour, this little powerhouse can work wonders. It infuses the air with a cool, refreshing mist that helps combat dryness and improves air quality.

Aroma Diffuser: Transform your space into a fragrant oasis. The Colorful Cup Humidifier doubles as an aroma diffuser, allowing you to add your favorite essential oils for a personalized, relaxing atmosphere.

Easy Operation: Operating this humidifier is a breeze. A simple touch of the button activates the spray function, which can be adjusted to your preference. Enjoy continuous mist or interval spraying – it's all at your fingertips.

Multifunctional: Not only does it humidify and diffuse aromas, but it also features an enchanting night light function. Choose between a calming monochrome or a dazzling night light to suit your mood and ambiance.

Timer Settings: Set your desired auto-off timer – 4 hours for continuous spray or 6 hours for interval spray. The Colorful Cup Humidifier is designed with convenience and energy-saving in mind.


  • Product Model: DQ107
  • Product Size: 119 * 78 * 78mm
  • Material: ABS+silicone+electronic components
  • Rated Input: DC5v/1A
  • Working Current: 3A


  1. Please allow a slight deviation in size due to manual measurement.
  2. The actual color of the item may vary slightly due to different display settings and lighting conditions.

Experience the magic of a well-humidified and aromatized environment with our Colorful Cup Humidifier. Whether you're creating a soothing bedtime atmosphere or simply enhancing your living space, this compact companion has got you covered. Elevate your personal space – order yours today!

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