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Car Exhaust Pen - Air Bubble Removal Tool for Vinyl Wrap, Window Glass, Tint Sticker Release Film

Car Exhaust Pen - Air Bubble Removal Tool for Vinyl Wrap, Window Glass, Tint Sticker Release Film

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Say goodbye to pesky air bubbles and welcome the ultimate precision in vinyl application with the Car Exhaust Pen, a game-changer in the world of car detailing and vinyl wraps. This air bubble remover pen isn't just a tool; it's your secret weapon for achieving a flawless finish on any wrap or sticker job. Here's why every car enthusiast and professional wrapper needs this in their toolkit:

Ultimate Precision and Control

  • Ultra-Sharp Point: Equipped with a needle point, the Car Exhaust Pen offers precision that can't be matched by ordinary tools. This design ensures that you can puncture vinyl or film with pin-point accuracy, releasing trapped air bubbles without risking damage to the material or the underlying surface.
  • Retractable Mechanism: Much like a high-quality pen, this tool features a retractable mechanism that keeps the needle safe when not in use. This not only protects the tool but also ensures user safety during handling.

Designed for Durability and Comfort

  • Aluminum Handle: The robust aluminum handle of the Car Exhaust Pen ensures it is durable enough to withstand the rigors of frequent use. The material's sturdiness provides a firm grip, making it easier to handle precise movements.
  • Non-Slip Grip: A thoughtfully designed non-slip grip enhances control even further, allowing for steady and secure operations, even with gloves on or in slippery conditions.

Ease of Use

  • Adjustable Chuck Head: This feature securely fixes the needle in place, eliminating any wobble and ensuring each puncture is controlled and precise. The stability provided by this adjustable chuck head is crucial for professional-quality results.
  • Portable and Pocket-Friendly: The pen’s design includes a clip, similar to that of a traditional ballpoint pen, making it easy to carry in your pocket or clip onto a shirt or tool belt for quick access.

Multi-Functional Tool

  • Versatile Applications: While primarily used for vinyl wraps and air tint stickers, this tool's delicate yet effective approach makes it suitable for various applications, including detailed graphics work and window films.
  • Safety Cap: The translucent knife safety cap protects the needle when not in use and prevents accidental injuries, making it a safe addition to any toolkit.

Product Specifications

  • Size: Measuring at 13.8 cm (5.4 inches), this tool is compact yet effective.
  • Material: Crafted from high-quality aluminum, ensuring longevity and durability.


  • Includes: Each package comes with 1 Car Exhaust Pen, ready to use right out of the box.

Perfect for Professionals and DIY Enthusiasts

Whether you're a professional car wrapper looking to streamline your process or a DIY enthusiast aiming for perfection in your garage projects, the Car Exhaust Pen is tailored to meet your needs. Its innovative design and practical features dramatically reduce the time spent on installations and ensure a smooth, bubble-free finish every time.

Invest in the Car Exhaust Pen today and transform the way you apply vinyl and film. Your work will never be the same!

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