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6PC Cute Prime Drink Bottle Plushie Toy - Soft Stuffed Latte Americano Coffee - 20CM Kawaii Children's Birthday Gift Prop Decor

6PC Cute Prime Drink Bottle Plushie Toy - Soft Stuffed Latte Americano Coffee - 20CM Kawaii Children's Birthday Gift Prop Decor

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Introducing our irresistible collection of Cute 6PC Prime Drink Bottle Plushie Toys, a delightful ensemble of soft-stuffed latte, Americano, and coffee plushies that promise to bring warmth and charm into any setting. Standing at a cuddly 23cm, these kawaii plushies are meticulously crafted with plush material and filled with PP cotton, ensuring a squishy, huggable experience that's second to none. Perfect as a children's birthday gift, a unique prop, or a cozy decor addition, these plushie toys are a must-have for coffee lovers and plush enthusiasts alike.

Why You'll Adore Our Prime Drink Bottle Plushies:

  • A Brew of Cuteness: Each plushie in this 6-piece set is designed to mimic your favorite coffee drinks, from a frothy latte to a robust Americano, bringing a dash of café charm to your collection.

  • Premium Softness and Quality: Crafted from the softest plush and filled with premium PP cotton, these plushies are made for cuddling, providing comfort and warmth whenever you need a cozy companion.

  • Versatile Charm: Whether displayed on a shelf, nestled among pillows on a bed, or used as a comforting playtime pal, these drink bottle plushies are versatile in their charm. They're perfect for coffee enthusiasts of all ages, adding a whimsical touch to any room.

  • Gift Ready: Looking for a unique gift that stands out? These plushies come as a set of 6, making them the perfect present for birthdays, holidays, or any occasion that calls for a dose of cuteness and joy.

  • Kawaii Decor: Beyond their cuddle appeal, these plushies serve as adorable decor pieces. Add them to your coffee nook, kitchen shelf, or workspace for an instant uplift and a constant reminder of your favorite brew.

Product Details:

  • Material: Soft Plush and PP Cotton for a luxurious feel
  • Size: 23cm of cuteness to fit perfectly in your hug or decor
  • Condition: 100% Brand New, ensuring pristine quality and softness


  • The colors of our Prime Drink Bottle Plushies may vary slightly due to differences in camera equipment, lighting, and display screens, adding to their unique charm.
  • Please allow for a slight measurement discrepancy of 1-2cm due to the manual measuring process.

Embrace the warmth, charm, and unparalleled cuteness of our Cute 6PC Prime Drink Bottle Plushie Toys. Whether for play, decor, or gifting, these soft-stuffed coffee-inspired plushies are brewed to perfection for anyone who cherishes a touch of sweetness and warmth in their lives. Let these adorable plushies pour a cup of joy into your daily routine, making every moment a little softer and a lot more delightful.

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