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Deli Snap-off Utility Knife - Retractable Box Cutter with High Carbon Steel Blades - Auto Lock, Ideal for Office and Home Use

Deli Snap-off Utility Knife - Retractable Box Cutter with High Carbon Steel Blades - Auto Lock, Ideal for Office and Home Use

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Deli Snap-off Utility Knife – Retractable Box Cutters with High Carbon Steel Blades ! 

Perfect for Office, Home, and DIY Projects ! 

Versatile and Reliable: The Deli Snap-off Utility Knife is an essential tool for a variety of cutting tasks. Available in 9mm and 18mm blade sizes, this retractable box cutter is perfect for office, home, and woodworking projects.

High-Quality Blades: Featuring high carbon steel blades, these utility knives provide sharp and precise cuts. The stainless steel blade ensures durability and long-lasting performance, making it ideal for both light and heavy-duty tasks.

Key Features:

  1. Sharp and Durable Blades: The high carbon steel blades are designed for precision and durability, ensuring clean cuts every time. The blade angle of ≤60° allows for optimal cutting efficiency.

  2. Retractable and Safe: The retractable design with auto-lock functionality ensures safe usage and easy blade adjustments. Simply snap off the dull section of the blade to reveal a new, sharp edge.

  3. Ergonomic Handle: The rubber handle provides a comfortable grip, reducing hand fatigue during extended use. The handle length of 4 inches is perfect for a secure hold and precise control.

  4. Multi-Purpose Use: Ideal for cutting paper, leather, tape, plastic, rope, cardboard, balsa, cardstock, mat board, foam board, delicate fabrics, crafts, post office packages, and more. Perfect for commercial, industrial, or residential projects.


  • Brand Name: Deli
  • DIY Supplies: Woodworking
  • Sharp Blade: Yes
  • Blade Angle: ≤60°
  • Blade Material: Stainless Steel
  • Full Length: 4 inches
  • Spring Force: No
  • Handle Length: 4 inches
  • Lock: Yes
  • Blade Length: 4 inches
  • Type: Multi Knife
  • Handle Material: Rubber

Perfect For:

  • Office Use: Efficiently cut through paper, tape, and cardboard for packaging and crafting.
  • Home Use: Ideal for DIY projects, crafting, and household tasks.
  • Woodworking: Perfect for precise cutting of wood and other materials in woodworking projects.
  • Commercial and Industrial Use: Suitable for heavy-duty tasks in commercial and industrial settings.

Package Includes:

  • 1 Deli Snap-off Utility Knife (Choose between 9mm or 18mm blade size)

Why Choose Deli:

  • High Carbon Steel Blades: For sharp and durable cutting performance.
  • Retractable Design with Auto-Lock: Ensures safety and convenience.
  • Ergonomic Rubber Handle: Provides a comfortable and secure grip.
  • Versatile Application: Perfect for a wide range of cutting tasks.

Get your Deli Snap-off Utility Knife today and experience the perfect blend of durability, precision, and safety. Order now and make your cutting tasks easier and more efficient!

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