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Xiaomi M365 Ninebot ES4 Scooter Children Safe Handrail - Non-Slip Adjustable Grip Bar for Electric Scooter, Kid-Friendly Handle Holder

Xiaomi M365 Ninebot ES4 Scooter Children Safe Handrail - Non-Slip Adjustable Grip Bar for Electric Scooter, Kid-Friendly Handle Holder

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Elevate your family's scooter adventures with our Adjustable Children's Handrail for Xiaomi M365 and Ninebot ES4 Electric Scooters. Designed with the safety and comfort of young riders in mind, this innovative accessory is a must-have for parents who love to share the joy of scooter rides with their kids.

Why Our Children's Handrail is the Perfect Addition to Your Scooter:

  • Premium Quality Material: Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, our children's handle is built to last. It's durable, rust-resistant, and ready to withstand all the adventures you and your child embark on.

  • Child Protection First: Recognizing that standard scooter handlebars are too high for children, we've created an adjustable handrail that can be tailored to your child's height. This ensures not just a more comfortable ride, but a safer one, giving you peace of mind as your child enjoys the ride alongside you.

  • Comfortable and Non-Slip Grip: With an ergonomic design featuring oval-shaped aluminum alloy clips for stability, our handrail won't slip during turns, ensuring a secure grip for your child. The non-slip material of the grip further ensures your child's hands remain firmly in place, even on longer rides.

  • Convenience is Key: Installation of this child handrail is a breeze and won't interfere with the folding mechanism of your scooter, preserving its convenience and portability. Ride as usual, and when it's time to pack up, the scooter folds just as easily as it always has.

Specifications for Enhanced Safety:

  • Color Options: Choose from classic black or vibrant red to match your scooter or your child's preference.
  • Length: 23cm, providing ample space for a comfortable grip.
  • Materials: A durable combination of silicone for the grip and steel for the structure ensures longevity and safety.

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Adjustable Child Handrail
  • 2 x Screw for secure installation
  • 2 x Slip mat to prevent any movement once installed

Transform your electric scooter into a child-friendly ride with our Adjustable Children's Handrail. Whether it's a leisurely ride around the neighborhood or a fun outing to the park, this accessory will ensure your little one can enjoy the experience safely and comfortably right beside you. With easy installation, high-quality materials, and an adjustable design, it's the perfect addition to the Xiaomi M365, Ninebot ES4, or similar scooters. Get ready to create unforgettable memories with your child, all while ensuring their safety and comfort.

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