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HD 1080P Mini Camcorder Glasses Camera with Bluetooth Headset - Polarized Sunglasses Sports Camera for Driving and Cycling

HD 1080P Mini Camcorder Glasses Camera with Bluetooth Headset - Polarized Sunglasses Sports Camera for Driving and Cycling

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Experience the ultimate blend of technology and convenience with our HD 1080P Mini Camcorder Glasses Camera with Bluetooth Headset. These innovative sunglasses are designed to cater to the needs of sports enthusiasts, outdoor adventurers, and tech-savvy individuals, combining high-definition video recording capabilities with the practicality of Bluetooth connectivity.

High-Definition Clarity Capture every moment in exquisite detail with the 1080P HD video recording feature. Whether you’re cycling through the mountains, driving across the countryside, or skiing down the slopes, these glasses ensure that every adventure is recorded with crystal-clear precision. The added advantage of an AVI video format means easy playback on multiple devices, ensuring you can relive your adventures time and again.

State-of-the-Art Polarized Lenses Protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and glare with the imported polarized lenses featured in these glasses. Not only do they provide essential protection, but they also enhance image clarity and reduce eye strain, making them perfect for prolonged use during outdoor activities.

Seamless Bluetooth Integration Stay connected without ever lifting a finger. Equipped with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, these glasses offer a stable connection to your smartphone for hands-free calls and easy access to your favorite music. The high-quality, detachable earphones deliver excellent audio clarity, enriching your listening experience while ensuring you remain alert to your surroundings.

Multifunctional and User-Friendly Designed with versatility in mind, these glasses support external memory cards up to 32GB to store all your recordings and photos. The simple touch controls make operating the camcorder and taking photos as easy as a single click. The glasses also feature a mini USB interface for quick data transfer and charging, along with a robust battery life that provides up to 90 minutes of recording time.

Lightweight and Comfortable Design Weighing just about 40g and packaged with comfort in mind, these glasses are ideal for extended wear. Whether you’re on a day-long expedition or a quick trip around town, the ergonomic design ensures they fit securely and comfortably, making them your go-to accessory for every adventure.

Package Contents:

  • 1 HD 1080P Glasses Camera
  • 1 USB Data Cable
  • 2 High-Quality Headphones (for both ears)
  • 1 Durable Storage Box
  • 1 User Manual (Chinese and English)

Please Note:

  • TF card not included.
  • Slight variations may occur from the stated size due to manual measurements.
  • Actual colors may vary slightly from images due to differences in monitor settings and lighting conditions.

Ideal for capturing fast-action sports or creating memorable videos of your travel adventures, these HD 1080P Mini Camcorder Glasses with Bluetooth Headset offer a revolutionary way to record and enjoy your active lifestyle. Perfect for gift-giving or personal use, they combine functionality with an effortless style that fits any occasion.

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