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Herval Magnetic Car Phone Holder Mount for Tesla Model 3/Y/S/X - Adjustable Car Screen Side Phone Support Frame

Herval Magnetic Car Phone Holder Mount for Tesla Model 3/Y/S/X - Adjustable Car Screen Side Phone Support Frame

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Herval Magnetic Phone Holder for Tesla Model 3/Y/S/X ! 

Optimize Your Driving Experience with Herval Magnetic Phone Holder ! 

Tailored for Tesla Owners: Introducing the Herval Magnetic Phone Holder, specially designed to seamlessly integrate with Tesla Model 3, Y, S, and X. This sleek and compact phone holder mounts to the side corner of your car's screen, ensuring it doesn't obstruct your view while driving.

Wireless Charging and Premium Materials: Enjoy the convenience of 15W wireless fast charging, keeping your phone powered throughout your journey. Made with a combination of silicone, aluminum, and ABS, this phone holder is both durable and stylish. The silicone gel protects your car's screen from scratches, while the aluminum alloy frame ensures a sturdy and high-quality feel.

Key Features:

  1. Custom Fit for Tesla: Designed specifically for Tesla models, this phone holder fits perfectly without blocking your view.

  2. 15W Wireless Charging: Offers fast wireless charging for your phone, ensuring it stays charged during your drive.

  3. Premium Materials: Silicone gel contacts protect your screen, while the aluminum alloy frame provides durability and style.

  4. Easy Installation: Simply attach the holder to the upper left corner of your screen and tighten the knob for a secure fit.

  5. Universal Compatibility: Supports Apple models from iPhone 12 and above with MagSafe. Magnetic plates are included for other devices.


  • Brand Name: Herval
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Silicone + Aluminum + ABS
  • Charging Power: 15W
  • Fit for: Tesla Model 3/Y/S/X
  • Installation Section: Side corner of the screen

Perfect For:

  • Tesla Owners: A must-have accessory for Tesla Model 3, Y, S, and X.
  • Daily Commuters: Keep your phone in view and charged without distractions.
  • Road Trips: Ensure your phone remains powered and accessible on long drives.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Phone Stand
  • 1 x Magnetic Plate
  • 1 x Stand Back Protection Replacement
  • 1 x Charging Cable (for wireless charging models)

Why Choose Herval Magnetic Phone Holder:

  • Custom Design: Specifically designed for Tesla, ensuring a perfect fit.
  • Wireless Convenience: 15W fast wireless charging keeps your phone powered.
  • High-Quality Materials: Durable and stylish design with protective silicone gel.
  • Easy Installation: Quick and secure installation without obstructing your view.

Installation Tips:

  • Secure Fit: Install in the upper left corner of the screen and tighten the knob. Rotate the clamp about four turns for a tight fit. Adjust as needed based on screen thickness.
  • Avoid Over-tightening: Be cautious not to overtighten the clamp bracket to prevent damage.

Enhance your Tesla driving experience with the Herval Magnetic Phone Holder. Enjoy the convenience of wireless charging and the security of a custom-fit phone holder. Order now and keep your phone accessible and charged while on the road!

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