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Motion Sensor LED Night Light - USB Rechargeable Lamp for Kitchen Cabinet Wardrobe, Staircase, Wireless LED Closet Light

Motion Sensor LED Night Light - USB Rechargeable Lamp for Kitchen Cabinet Wardrobe, Staircase, Wireless LED Closet Light

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Step into a world where convenience meets innovation with the Motion Sensor LED Night Light, a USB rechargeable lamp designed to cast a soft, comforting glow precisely where and when you need it. Ideal for the kitchen, wardrobe, staircase, or any closet space, this wireless LED light illuminates your home's nooks and crannies, ensuring you never have to fumble in the dark again.

Exceptional Features for Everyday Ease:

  • Intuitive Motion Detection: Leveraging a sophisticated infrared sensor combined with a Fresnel lens, this night light springs to life within a 3-6 meter range, offering a wide 120° sensing angle. It smartly stays dormant during daylight, conserving energy for when dusk falls.

  • Auto-Off Function: Embrace the freedom of not having to switch off your night light manually. With an automatic shut-off after 25 seconds of no motion, it's not just smart; it's practical, extending your LED's lifespan and saving energy.

  • Efficient and Long-lasting: Operating on a mere 0.6W of power, this LED night light is a beacon of energy efficiency. Coupled with a long-life span, it's designed to be a lasting part of your home's night-time ambiance.

  • Eye-Friendly Glow: Say goodbye to harsh lights that disrupt your sleep. The high-quality LED lamp beads emit a comfortable, soft light that's easy on the eyes, making those midnight trips to the kitchen or bathroom less of an ordeal.

  • Magnetic Magic: Installation is effortlessly simple thanks to built-in magnets. Securely attach your night light to any metallic surface, or use it with adhesive plates for non-metal surfaces. Either way, it's going nowhere.

Versatility and Utility Wrapped in One:

  • For Every Dark Corner: Whether lighting up a shadowy staircase, guiding your way through the wardrobe, or providing a gentle glow in the kitchen, this LED night light is as versatile as your needs.

  • USB Rechargeable Convenience: Forget about rummaging for batteries. This night light includes a USB cable for hassle-free recharging, ensuring it's always ready to light up your steps.

  • Sleek, Subtle Design: With its compact size (8.38.32cm) and minimalist aesthetic, this night light is designed to blend seamlessly into any decor without being intrusive.

In Your Package:

Choose from sets of 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 LED Human Body Induction Night Lights, each equipped with a USB charging cable, ready to deploy a cascade of gentle light across your home.

Transform your nocturnal navigation with the Motion Sensor LED Night Light – your reliable, energy-efficient companion that ensures your night-time movements are safe, illuminated, and serene.

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