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New G304 Light Speed Wireless Mouse - Lightweight & Portable Esports Gaming Mouse, Same Model as Logitech for PC Gamers

New G304 Light Speed Wireless Mouse - Lightweight & Portable Esports Gaming Mouse, Same Model as Logitech for PC Gamers

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Unleash your gaming potential with the new G304 Light Speed Wireless Mouse, specifically tailored for the serious esports enthusiast and designed to match the precision and reliability of Logitech models. This high-performance mouse combines cutting-edge technology with a lightweight and portable design, ensuring top-tier performance without any cords to hold you back.

Ultra-Fast Response: Equipped with a lightning-fast 5600 DPI sensor, the G304 guarantees precise and swift movements, essential for competitive gaming where every millisecond counts. Whether sniping from a distance or executing fast-paced maneuvers, this mouse ensures your actions are instant and accurate.

Ergonomic Design for Right-Handed Users: With its right-hand orientation, the G304 is sculpted to fit comfortably in your hand, providing hours of comfortable gameplay without strain. The ergonomic design enhances grip and control, allowing for a more enjoyable and sustainable gaming session.

Lightweight for High Mobility: Weighing in at just 0.3 kg, this wireless mouse is built for speed and convenience. Its lightweight nature makes it easy to transport to tournaments or gaming sessions outside your home, fitting seamlessly into your gaming setup.

Simple and Efficient Interface: The G304 connects via a USB interface, ensuring compatibility with most gaming PCs and laptops. This plug-and-play approach guarantees that setup is straightforward, allowing you to get into the game faster without the hassle of complicated software.

Versatile Controls: With four programmable buttons, you can customize your gaming experience to suit your style. Each button is strategically placed for easy access, providing tactile feedback and quick response. The single roller is designed for smooth, controlled scrolling, enhancing your ability to navigate through game maps or web pages quickly.

Ready Out of the Box: This mouse comes packaged with everything you need to start playing immediately. Its reliable wireless connection promises a clutter-free gaming area, with no compromise on performance compared to wired alternatives.

The G304 Light Speed Wireless Mouse is perfect for gamers who demand high performance, comfort, and reliability. Whether you are gearing up for competitive play or enjoying a casual gaming night, this mouse is designed to elevate your game. Don't just compete—dominate with the G304.

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