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Portable USB Electric Fan with LED Night Light and Water Mist - 3-in-1 Air Humidifier for Home

Portable USB Electric Fan with LED Night Light and Water Mist - 3-in-1 Air Humidifier for Home

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Experience the ultimate in cooling technology with our cutting-edge Portable Fan Air Conditioner! This compact yet mighty device is your all-in-one solution to beat the heat, doubling as a fan, air conditioner, and air humidifier. Designed for personal use, it's perfect for small spaces up to 10㎡, making it ideal for your home office, bedroom, or any cozy corner that needs cooling.

Three Dynamic Wind Modes: Choose from Natural Wind, Sleep Wind, or Prevailing Wind to tailor your breeze to the perfect strength. With settings for Low, Medium, and High speeds, you’re in total control of your climate.

Versatile Spray Options: Featuring three spray modes, our air cooler can adjust its mist output to meet your needs, whether you're looking to cool down quickly or maintain a steady moisture level in the air.

Efficient and Eco-Friendly: With a power consumption of just 10W and powered by a convenient USB Type-C connection, this air cooler is designed to minimize your energy use while maximizing cooling efficiency. Plug it into any USB port—from your laptop to a power bank—and enjoy a fresh, cool breeze without the spike on your electric bill.

Soothing Night Light: Equipped with a 7-color light design, this air cooler offers gentle, ambient lighting, making it the perfect nighttime companion. It’s quiet enough to ensure a peaceful sleep, accompanied by a pleasant, cool mist.

Portable and Convenient: Thanks to its lightweight design (685g without water) and compact dimensions (21cm x 9cm x 26cm), you can easily take this air cooler wherever you go. Whether you're camping or simply moving from room to room, it's built to travel with you.

Large Capacity Tank: Fill the 600ml water tank with ice and water, and you'll have hours of continuous, refreshing mist at your disposal. It's perfect for long summer days, keeping you cool and hydrated.

Whether you’re looking to stay cool, add some moisture to dry air, or just enjoy a splash of colorful light, this Portable Fan Air Conditioner is your go-to device. Don’t just survive the summer—thrive with cool comfort and convenience, all season long!

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