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Automobile Self-Adhesive Sound Insulation Cotton: Sound Absorption Wave Cotton for Whole Vehicle Lining - Reduce Noise in Doors & Panels

Automobile Self-Adhesive Sound Insulation Cotton: Sound Absorption Wave Cotton for Whole Vehicle Lining - Reduce Noise in Doors & Panels

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Enhance Your Driving Experience with High-Quality Sound Absorption Wave Cotton for Automobiles!

Transform your vehicle into a haven of silence with our top-of-the-line Sound Absorption Wave Cotton. Designed specifically for automotive use, this self-adhesive sound insulation cotton ensures a quieter, more enjoyable ride by effectively dampening road noise, engine sounds, and vibrations.

Why You'll Love Our Sound Absorption Wave Cotton:

  1. Superior Material Quality: Crafted from high-grade sponge material known for its excellent sound absorption properties, this product offers effective noise reduction that enhances the comfort of your driving experience.

  2. Self-Adhesive Convenience: Forget about messy installation procedures. Our sound insulation cotton comes with a self-adhesive backing that makes application quick and effortless. Simply peel, stick, and enjoy immediate results.

  3. Versatile Application: While it's perfect for car doors, this versatile material can be applied to virtually any area of your vehicle that requires noise reduction, including the trunk, roof lining, and firewall. Its flexibility and ease of cutting mean you can customize the fit to suit your specific needs.

  4. Optimal Size for Comprehensive Coverage: Each piece measures 80cm in length and 25cm in width, providing ample material to cover large areas without the need for multiple pieces. This size is ideal for achieving comprehensive coverage and effective soundproofing.

  5. Aesthetic Integration: The sleek, unobtrusive design not only serves a functional purpose but also blends seamlessly with your car’s interior, maintaining its aesthetic appeal.

Key Features:

  • Material: Premium sponge for maximum noise absorption
  • Size: 80 x 25 cm, allowing for ample coverage
  • Color: Neutral, matching various car interiors
  • Type: Soundproof Cotton, ideal for automotive use

Installation Tips:

  • Clean and dry the surface area before application to ensure the best adhesion.
  • Measure and cut the cotton to fit the specific areas where soundproofing is needed.
  • Firmly press the material into place to activate the adhesive and ensure a secure bond.

Perfect for:

  • DIY enthusiasts looking to enhance their vehicle’s comfort.
  • Drivers sensitive to noise who desire a quieter cabin environment.
  • Anyone looking to increase the resale value of their vehicle by improving its features.


  • Due to differences in lighting and screen settings, the color of the product might slightly vary from the pictures.
  • Manual measurement may result in a slight discrepancy in size.

Enhance your vehicle today with our Sound Absorption Wave Cotton and turn every drive into a peaceful journey. Say goodbye to annoying road noise and hello to comfort and tranquility!

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