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Swimming Kickboard Plate - Safe Pool Training Aid for Child, Kids, and Adults, Impermeable Float Hand Board Tool with Air Mattresses for Surf Water

Swimming Kickboard Plate - Safe Pool Training Aid for Child, Kids, and Adults, Impermeable Float Hand Board Tool with Air Mattresses for Surf Water

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Dive into the world of aquatic training and fun with the "Swimming Kickboard Plate," your perfect companion for developing swimming skills and enhancing water confidence. Whether you're a budding swimmer or an adult looking to refine your techniques, this high-quality kickboard is designed to meet the needs of swimmers across all ages and skill levels. Let's dive deeper into what makes this swimming kickboard a must-have for your pool adventures.

High-Quality, Durable Design

Crafted from Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA), a material known for its buoyancy, durability, and resistance to cracks and fractures, this kickboard is both lightweight and sturdy. Its impermeable nature ensures it stays afloat, making it an ideal tool for learners and seasoned swimmers alike.

Designed for Learning and Development

The swimming kickboard is specially designed to aid in learning to swim and boosting confidence in water. Its functionality extends beyond basic learning; it's also ideal for kick and stroke development, assisting swimmers in mastering various swimming techniques with ease.

Comfortable and Secure Grip

Featuring built-in handles, this kickboard offers a secure and comfortable grip, allowing for prolonged practice sessions without discomfort. The ergonomic design ensures swimmers can focus on their technique and endurance without worrying about slipping.

Versatile Use

Suitable for a wide weight range from 15 KG to 90 KG and recommended for children (3+) and adults, this kickboard is a versatile tool for swim schools, leisurely pool days, and rigorous training sessions. Its utility in both recreational and competitive settings makes it a valuable addition to any swimmer's gear.

Vibrant Color Selection

Available in a selection of vibrant colors including Green, Blue, Yellow, and Orange, this kickboard is not just functional but also visually appealing. The bright colors enhance visibility in the water, adding an element of safety and style to your swimming sessions.

Compact and Portable

Measuring approximately 38283cm, the kickboard is compact enough for easy transportation and storage, making it an excellent choice for taking to the pool, beach, or on vacation. Its portability ensures you can continue your swim training wherever you go.

What's Included

Each package includes one Swim Kickboard, ensuring you're ready to hit the water right away. Dive into your swimming journey with confidence and style, equipped with a tool designed to support your aquatic adventures.


While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the product's color and specifications, please note that actual colors may vary slightly due to monitor settings and lighting conditions. Additionally, dimensions are subject to slight variances due to manual measurement.

Whether you're learning the basics of swimming, honing your technique, or just looking for a fun way to enjoy the pool, the "Swimming Kickboard Plate" offers a blend of quality, functionality, and fun. With this durable, lightweight kickboard by your side, you're set for a splashing good time, improving your skills and confidence with every stroke.

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