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T-Type Hand Tap Wrench Thread Tapping Tool Set - 3mm to 6mm Hand Wrench Thread Tapping - M6 to M8 Tool Set

T-Type Hand Tap Wrench Thread Tapping Tool Set - 3mm to 6mm Hand Wrench Thread Tapping - M6 to M8 Tool Set

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Mr Drill T-type Tap Wrench Set - Precision Hand Threading Tool for M3 to M8 Taps!

Bring precision and ease to your threading and tapping projects with the Mr Drill T-type Tap Wrench Set. This expertly crafted tool set is designed for handymen, mechanics, and DIY enthusiasts who demand reliability and accuracy in their work. With a sturdy build and versatile size range, this set is ideal for creating precise threads in metal, wood, and plastic.

Key Features:

  • Durable Material: Constructed from high-grade chisel tool steel and finished with nickel plating for corrosion resistance and extended durability.

  • Versatile Use: The T-type tap wrench is designed to clamp taps ranging from 3mm to 6mm, making it suitable for a wide array of tapping tasks.

  • Ergonomic Design: The T-shaped handle provides a comfortable grip and excellent leverage, facilitating easier and more effective turning.

  • Precision Tapping: Includes a set of 5 hand taps (M3 to M8), allowing for precise thread creation on your projects. Each tap is crafted to deliver clean, sharp threads.

  • Wide Application: Perfect for creating new threads or repairing existing ones in metals, woods, and plastics, making it a go-to tool in any toolbox.


  • Efficiency: The T-type handle ensures that you can apply more torque with less effort, increasing your efficiency while reducing hand fatigue.

  • Convenience: Compact and easy to store, this tap wrench set is a must-have for any portable tool kit or workshop.

  • Professional Results: Achieve professional-level precision on your projects, whether you're working at home, in the garage, or on the job site.

  • Great Value: This set offers excellent quality and functionality at an affordable price, making it a great investment for both amateur and professional users.

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: Mr Drill
  • Material: Chisel tool steel
  • Surface Treatment: Nickel plating
  • Wrench Clamping Range: 3-6mm
  • Set Includes: 1 pc tap wrench, 5 pc hand tap (M3, M4, M5, M6, M8)

Usage Tips:

  1. Select the Correct Tap Size: Match the tap to the correct hole size for best results.
  2. Secure the Tap: Ensure the tap is securely fastened in the wrench to prevent slipping or damage.
  3. Lubrication: Use appropriate cutting fluid to reduce friction and heat during tapping.
  4. Clean After Use: Always clean and dry the tools after use to maintain their condition and prevent rust.

Package Contents:

  • 1 x T-type Tap Wrench
  • 5 x Hand Taps (Sizes M3 to M8)

Empower your DIY projects with the Mr Drill T-type Tap Wrench Set, and experience the ease of threading and tapping with tools built to last. Whether you're threading machine screws or creating custom bolts, this tool set will help you achieve precise results with every turn. Get your set today and tap into the power of professional-grade tools!

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