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UHF Wireless Microphone Converter: XLR Transmitter and Receiver System for Dynamic Microphones

UHF Wireless Microphone Converter: XLR Transmitter and Receiver System for Dynamic Microphones

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Unleash the full potential of your dynamic microphone with this state-of-the-art UHF Wireless Microphone Converter. Featuring a cutting-edge XLR transmitter and receiver, this system is designed to transform any dynamic microphone into a wireless powerhouse, making it a perfect match for audio mixers, PA systems, and live performances.

Freedom to Perform Say goodbye to the mess and limitations of cables! This wireless system offers an impressive range of up to 100 feet, providing you with the freedom to move around the stage or room without fear of losing the quality of your sound. Whether you’re rocking out on stage, presenting at a conference, or energizing a sports event, you can trust this system to keep you connected to your audience.

Crystal-Clear Audio Quality Experience sound quality so pristine that your audience will hear every nuance of your performance. With a minimal delay of less than 15ms, this system promises flawless, uninterrupted audio. Enjoy the richness of 24-bit audio resolution and a 48K sampling frequency, ensuring your voice or instrument delivers all the depth and details intended.

Robust Frequency Response Tailored for professional use, this system boasts a broad frequency response range from 30Hz to 15KHz. This ensures that from the deep tones of a bass guitar to the high pitches of a soprano, every note is captured and transmitted with utmost fidelity.

Multiple Device Compatibility This versatile system can synchronize up to 10 receivers with a single transmitter, making it ideal for multi-microphone setups in large venues. This feature allows for seamless integration into any existing audio setup, providing flexibility and ease of use for sound engineers and performers alike.

Long-lasting Battery Life Forget the hassle of frequent battery replacements. The built-in rechargeable lithium batteries in both the transmitter and receiver ensure that you have more than 5 hours of performance time on a single charge. Plus, with a dual-port USB cable, charging is convenient and fast, so you’re always ready for your next performance.

Portable and User-Friendly Designed with the performer in mind, this wireless system is not only lightweight and portable but also extremely easy to set up. The plug-and-play functionality means you can get your system up and running in no time, no technical expertise required!

Whether you are a musician, DJ, presenter, or event organizer, this UHF Wireless Microphone Converter is your ticket to professional, reliable, and wireless audio delivery. Say goodbye to cable clutter and hello to the freedom of movement with this top-tier microphone wireless system!

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