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Ultra Quiet Mini DC Water Pump - 12V 19W 800L/H Brushless Motor Submersible for Aquarium, Pond Fountain

Ultra Quiet Mini DC Water Pump - 12V 19W 800L/H Brushless Motor Submersible for Aquarium, Pond Fountain

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Unleash the power of silence and efficiency with the Ultra Quiet Water Pump Mini DC 12V 19W. Perfect for your aquarium, pond, or garden fountain, this brushless motor submersible pump ensures a tranquil environment while efficiently circulating water. Here's why this pump is a must-have for anyone seeking reliability and quiet operation in their home or garden:

Key Features:

  • Brushless Motor Technology: Enjoy a long-lasting service life with over 10,000 hours of continuous operation thanks to advanced electronic components and a high-quality wear-resistant shaft.
  • Ultra Quiet Operation: With noise levels below 40 dB, this pump operates almost silently, making it perfect for use in environments where noise is a concern, such as bedrooms, offices, or living rooms.
  • High Efficiency and Performance: Experience powerful performance with a flow rate of 800 liters per hour and a maximum water lift of 5 meters, all while maintaining energy efficiency with just 19 watts of power consumption.
  • Compact and Versatile: Its small size (77 x 65 x 42 mm) and light weight make it easy to install and fit in tight spaces, ideal for a variety of setups including hydroponic systems, fountains, and water features.
  • Environmental Safety: Constructed from durable ABS material, the pump is both safe for the environment and robust enough to handle circulating hot water up to 100°C, making it versatile for both domestic and commercial uses.

Technical Specifications:

  • Material: ABS
  • Power: 19W
  • Voltage: DC 12V
  • Flow Rate: 800L/h
  • Max Water Lift: 5 meters
  • Noise Level: < 40 db
  • Max Circulating Water Temperature: 100°C
  • Impeller Structure: Open impeller
  • Cable Length: 500mm

Perfect for Various Applications:

  • Aquariums: Keep your fish healthy and your tank clean with constant, clean water circulation.
  • Garden Ponds and Fountains: Create a serene garden atmosphere and maintain an ecological balance.
  • Hydroponics: Supply your plant roots with nutrients and oxygen in a highly efficient way.

Ease of Use:

  • Plug and Play Installation: Easy setup with no tools required. Its compact size and flexible power options (including solar panel compatibility) make it easy to integrate into any system.
  • Low Maintenance: The brushless motor design reduces moving parts, minimizing the need for maintenance.

In the Box:

  • 1x Ultra Quiet Water Pump Mini DC 12V 19W
  • Integrated 500mm power cable for easy connectivity

Whether you’re upgrading your home aquarium, installing a new garden water feature, or setting up an eco-friendly hydroponic system, this Ultra Quiet Water Pump offers the perfect blend of performance, reliability, and whisper-quiet operation. Enjoy the peace and tranquility of a well-maintained water system with this top-notch pumping solution.

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